"Blokarts are the only land based sail craft that go upwind like an AC45."

Paul Beckett (2011) - the inventor of the blokart.

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Are you itching to give blokart sailing a go and want to find out more about the Canterbury Blokart Club Inc. and blokart sailing, perhaps you already have a blokart and want to know where you can sail it … don’t itch any longer, find out more now by contacting Canterbury Blokart Club via email. Membership application form for Canterbury Blokart Club Inc. and Blokart Association Inc. Canterbury membership form.


The Club

Blokart sailing is a new and exciting sport attracting young and old, able and less able around the world. Christchurch is a great place to sail blokarts thanks to our regular winds and variety of locations.  The Canterbury Blokart Club is based at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand, the former Wigram Air Force Base.

Coming Up

2015 South Island Open and 2015 New Zealand Open.