Where it all started … blokart sailing rules … blokart tips and tweaks  … so much to learn.  The information on this page will help you understand some of the history behind the blokart, key sailing rules and how to get the most out of your blokart from sail trimming, to batten shaping, to wheel bearing treatment.

Know your blokart!


Part names and numbers, and exploded diagrams here*.

* Correction on Page 3 BCH0255-08-Keel Tube & Bushes 08: component numbers BMI0056 and BMI0057 are inverted.




Paul Beckett on the development and manufacture of blokarts

The blokart was developed by Paul Beckett in his garage in September 1999. Paul was inspired to build a wind powered toy that was portable, fun and easy to use for people of all ages. At the 10th birthday celebration in Tauranga in 2010 it was announced 10,000 blokarts had been sold in 10 years of manufacture.

Behind the sail – Paul Beckett explains all here.


Blokart sailing rules

Click here for the latest NZBAI rules.  NZ uses a modified version of the IBRA sailing rules (the NZBAI rules) at all events including club sailing days.

Sailing rules for Wigram here.  These are presented as diagrams for your easy interpretation.


Mast section combinations for 5.5 metre sails


GG(1)Depending on the wind strength there are many permutations and combinations of mast sections that can be used for a 5.5m sail. It really isn’t as complex as what you may think. Check it out here.




Sail battens for ‘newer’ and ‘older’ sails

This table shows the change in batten length from older sails to the current sails.  Battens for older sails are not available now and therefore longer battens cut down to fit are required. Note that the old 3m sail had 3 battens and the new 3m sail has 4 battens, so if replacing a 3m sail batten(s) best to check with Graeme Gordon first.


Applying CBC logo decals to sail


applying decalFull instructions here … but if this sounds too difficult, for only a $5.00 donation to the club it can be done for you.  Just contact me here.





Tips and tweaks for your Blokart

Here are a few tips and tweaks, to get your blokart pumping.  Thanks to the Capital Blokart Club for permitting us to link to their excellent guides to getting the most out of your blokart.

Tips for starting out – beginners guide to blokart sailing.

Intermediate tips – the physics of blokart sailing.

Advanced tips –  tell tales, sail tuning and battens.

Kart tweaks – the “Inox wheel bearing treatment”.