Club Trophy Awards

The Griffin Family Trophy:  Performance Class

Propeller trophy donated by Dave Griffin.  Propeller given to Dave’s father and passed on to Dave. Inscribed with various letters, words and numbers, their significance unknown.  The trophy base was made by Don McDonald, a former member of the CBC.

2010 Jim Dale

2011 Jim Dale

2012 Bob Jelley

The Gordon Densie Trophy:  Modified Class

Shield donated by Gordon Densie shortly before his death in 2010.  History of  shield unknown.

2012 Mike Bensemann

The Dave and Rose Ablett Trophy:  Production Class

Dave Ablett’s love for timber inspired him to craft this trophy for the Canterbury Blokart Club.  Made from Canadian red cedar and representing the power behind a blokart, the sail is symbolic of Dave’s passion to use timber in building as well as representing the pleasure he gets at seeing timber being used  in the rebuild of Christchurch.

2010 Nathan Bosher

2011 Terry Helm

2012 Chris Gant

The Cartridge World Trophy:  Most improved sailor

Donated by Terry Helm, Cartridge World.

2010 Brent Thompson

2011 Mike Bensemann

2012 Chris Gant

2013 Allan Valli

2014 Mitchell Denton